Working at A. Menarini Portugal

he Company has about 170 employees, including interns and sales force and 10 more between external consultants, temporary work and outsourcing.

With dynamic and excellent teams, the company is committed to the diversity and the authenticity of the most valuable resource - PEOPLE.

A A.Menarini Portugal, in alignment with the Menarini Group, encourages a multicultural environment, governed by 3 important pillars: tolerance, equal opportunities and a warm welcome to new employees.

When a new employee is admitted, in addition to the welcome manual, they have a meeting with employees from each department so that they become familiar with all the processes of the company and thus more easily integrated. 

Our employees say, in a questionnaire about organizational culture and internal communication, which took place in 2021, on a scale of 1 to 7 (1 is the lowest value and 7 the highest value), that:

- The environment at A. Menarini Portugal is very good or excellent - 70%;

- They feel secure in their job and in their function - 82%;

- 79.2% attributed the success of Menarini to the team spirit, respect for people and the development of human resources. 

Also, in the context of the balance between professional and personal life, "Smart Working" was implemented for internal employees, which allows homeworking 2 days a week, thus providing a better quality of life.

The benefits that the company grants, among others, are: health insurance, 4 bridge-holiday during the year, a birthday, protocols that give access to discounts and that are made with gyms, telecommunications, and pharmacies.

Without falling into clichés, we really are a family! Internal employees have a great affinity, often doing joint actions such as picnics, lunches, dinners, and even trips.

The Sales Force, in its 3 annual cycle meetings, performs an action of social or environmental responsibility, because more and more, Menarini is concerned with sustainability and leaving a better world. 

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