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The patients’ health is our priority.

Pharmacovigilance is the science and set of activities related to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse events or any other drug-related safety issue.

We value ​​this activity and continuously monitor the safety of our medicines, from the moment of their development to their post-marketing.

In the event that you experience (or become aware of) an adverse effect, or a special situation*, which may be related with a medicine marketed and/or distributed by us, be sure to inform the Local Competent Authority (Infarmed for the Portuguese territory) or our company’s Pharmacovigilance department, providing the following information:

  • A patient (initials of name, gender, age or date of birth);
  • An adverse effect;
  • A suspected drug;
  • A reporter (name and contact of patient, family member, healthcare professional).

If you are unable to gather, or if you have doubts, about any of the points mentioned above, be sure to still report the information.

Collecting this information is very important for us to continually improve safety, as well as keep the benefit-risk profile of our medicines up to date.

Contact: +351 210 935 500

* They are configured as special situations of drug use: exposure during pregnancy or breastfeeding, overdose, medication errors, abuse, misuse, lack of efficacy, suspected transmission of an infectious effect, occupational exposure, use outside the approved indications (off-label), unexpected beneficial effect and drug interaction.