Menarini in Portugal

Menarini in Portugal

In Portugal, Menarini’s headquarters are located in Quinta da Fonte, Paço de Arcos and it has over 170 employees. It counts with an excellent, solid and specialized team and high competency level to develop its business.

Currently, Menarini is focusing mainly on therapeutic areas as Cardiology, Respiratory, Sexual dysfunctions and pain and more recently in Vitamins and other OTC products.

Its origin in Portugal has begun with Sanitas Laboratories, that was property of Cortês Pinto & Pimentel, Lda, founded in 1911 with a partnership with the Doctor Francisco Cortês and the Pharmacist Horácio Pimentel.

In 1917, was already one of the main export firms of pharmaceutical specialities, as pills and ampoules. In that same year, a society was created between the owners of Sanitas, Neto, Natividade and Company, dedicated to the trade of pharmaceutical products. In 1923, it was settled a section of surgical materials, in Lisbon. 

Sanitas started to belong to the chemical industries of Industrial Portuguese Association (AIP), between 1918-1920, and soon after it played an important role in the industrial association life. Doctor Francisco Cortês Pinto played several important roles, in the Direction of AIP, since the triennium 1924-1926. On May 31 of 1930, new and wide laboratory facilities were open, in Lisboa, they were required due to the increasing growth of exportations to the Colonies, Brazil, English India, Belgium Congo and French Congo.

In 1991, after many new entries of multinationals related with Pharmaceuticals, in the Portuguese market, Sanitas was bought by Menarini Group. The administration of the company was in charge of Dr. Manuel Poiarez until 2002; then Dr. Paolo Tagliaferri assumed the position until September 2003, when Dr. Miguel Rovisco de Andrade was admitted as the General Manager, the position he still has, nowadays.