Olcare, about Health and beyond Health

2024 - 07 - 05

Olcare, About Health and beyond health

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The Olcare Program is dedicated to all healthcare professionals and its mission is to train these professionals in several dimensions that complement their activity, from communication to managing emotions and relationships with patients and caregivers.

This program began in 2021 and is celebrating its fourth edition in 2024, dividing the topics into five main areas: emotion management in health, the doctor-patient relationship, health in the elderly, communication challenges and lifestyle and nutrition.

Since its first edition, Olcare has been innovating, not only in terms of its themes, but also with the various formats available to all healthcare professionals who are registered and have given their consent to A. Menarini Portugal, such as E-Books and, more recently, Podcasts.

As a pharmaceutical company, A. Menarini Portugal is proud not only to be able to provide necessary medicines in diverse therapeutic areas, but also to have a sense of responsibility in supporting the medical community in its day-to-day work, through these topics that allow healthcare professionals to improve their skills in dealing with different situations, both in the doctor-patient relationship and in taking care of themselves to serve the population.

For more information, see https://olcare.pt/